A Song of Ice and Fire – Events in Iceland explain years of famine in Europe’s Dark Ages

Tree rings used to pinpoint eruption of Icelandic volcano to half a century before human settlement An international group of researchers has dated a large volcanic eruption in Iceland to within a few months. The eruption, which is the oldest volcanic eruption to be precisely dated at high northern ... Read more

Socio-economic, scientific, and political benefits of mycotourism

Societies are particularly vulnerable if long-term negative effects of climate change coincide with the impacts of extended economic crises. The widespread rural areas of the Iberian Peninsula, for instance, not only suffer from an exceptionally high rate of recent unemployment, but also experience severe summer drying since around the ... Read more

Interdisciplinary tree-ring research in the Republic of Tuva (18 July to 02 August 2017)

Together with a team of Russian archaeologists and ecologists from Karsnoyarsk, Ulf Büntgen (Professor of Environmental Systems Analysis) was conducting fieldwork in the remote Republic of Tuva at the border between southern Siberia and northern Mongolia. During their two-week expedition, the interdisciplinary team was mainly searching for living ... Read more

Third Swiss-Russian-German Dendroecology Expedition to Northeastern Siberia, July 15-31, 2016

Together with my Russian colleagues Alexander V. Kirdyanov (V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Akademgorodok and Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk) and Anatoly N. Nikolaev (North-Eastern Federal University and Melnikov Permafrost Institute, Yakutsk), as well as my PhD student Freddy Reinig (WSL), I organized our third expedition to north-eastern Siberia. Between ... Read more

How mud forced the Mongols to abandon invasion of Europe, The Times, 27 May 2016

Our publication Climatic and environmental aspects of the Mongol withdrawal from Hungary in 1242 CE (in: Nature Scientific Reports) was discussed by The Times on Friday, May 27 2016. Read more
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