Old trees reveal Late Antique Little Ice Age (LALIA) around 1,500 years ago

(Source: WSL press release 08.02.2016) Tree-ring measurements have revealed a period of extreme cold in Eurasia between 536 and around 660 CE. It coincides strikingly with the Justinian plague, migrations of peoples and political turmoil in both Europe and Asia, reports an interdisciplinary team, led by the Swiss Federal Research Institute ... Read more

“Binz-Project” meeting in Potsdam, 1-2 Dec 2015

Within the framework of the "Binz-Project" (DACH), all consortium were visiting GFZ and the Telegrafenberg in Potsdam (Dec 1-2, 2015). The main purpose of this second project meeting was to welcome new members and update each other on the various activities in Switzerland (ETH and WSL) as well in ... Read more

Keynote speakter at FORESTERRA FINAL CONFERENCE, Lisbon, Portugal. 25 November 2015

I am invited as a keynote speaker at the FORESTERRA FINAL CONFERENCE, Lisbon, Portugal: "The impact of climate change on forest ecosystems". FORESTERRA "Enhancing FOrest RESearch in the MediTERRAnean through improved coordination and integration" is an ERA-NET project funded by the European Union under the FP7 Programme. FORESTERRA aims to reinforce ... Read more

All clear for gourmets: truffles not radioactive

Büntgen U, Jäggi M, Stobbe U, Tegel W, Sproll L, Eikenberg J, Egli S (2015) Ideas and perspectives: truffles not radioactive. Biogeosciences Discussion 12: 17851-17856 This discussion paper is under review for the journal Biogeosciences (BG). Received: 30 Sep 2015 – Accepted: 28 Oct 2015 – Published: 10 Nov 2015 Abstract. Although ranging among the most expensive gourmet foods, it ... Read more

Teaching at Princeton University, October 2015

Drilling down: Trees offer clues to past climate by Leda Kopach, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies "There are more clues to the past lurking beneath a tree's bark than just rings to count. Hunting down that evidence starts with a simple boring device, as demonstrated recently along Washington Road on ... Read more
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