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In Review

Andrew C, Halvorsen R, Heegaard E, Kuyper TW, Heilmann-Clausen J, Krisai-Greilhuber I, Bässler C, Egli S, Gange AC, Høiland K, Kirk PM, Senn-Irlet B, Boddy L, Büntgen U, Kauserud H (in review) Climate, soil carbon and nitrogen deposition drive macrofungal assemblages in Europe. Journal of Biogeography

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In Revision

Büntgen U, Galvan JD, Mysterud A, Krusic PJ, Hülsmann L, Jenny H, Senn J, Bollmann K (in revision) Horn growth variation and hunting selection of managed ibex populations in the eastern Swiss Alps. Journal of Animal Ecology

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In Press

Du H, Liu J, Li M-H, Büntgen U, Yang Y, Wu Z, He H, Wang L (in press) Warming-induced upward migration of the alpine treeline in the Changbai Mountains, northeast China. Global Change Biology

Gange A, Heegaard E, Boddy L, Andrew C, Kirk P, Halvorsen R, Kuyper T, Bässler C, Diez J, Heilmann-Clausen J, Høiland K, Büntgen U, Kauserud H (in press) Trait-dependent distributional shifts in fruiting of common British fungi. Ecography

Lendvay B, Hartmann M, Brodbeck S, Nievergelt D, Reinig F, Zoller S, Parducci L, Gugerli F, Büntgen U, Sperisen C (in press) Improved recovery of ancient DNA from subfossil wood – application to the world’s oldest Late Glacial pine forest. New Phytologist



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