Second Swiss-Russian-German Dendroecology Expedition to Northeastern Siberia, July 5-23, 2015

Lena riverTogether with my Russian colleagues Alexander V. Kirdyanov (V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Akademgorodok and Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk) and Anatoly N. Nikolaev (North-Eastern Federal University and Melnikov Permafrost Institute, Yakutsk), as well as Willy Tegel (Institute of Forest Growth IWW, Freiburg University, Germany) and my two PhD students Lena Hellmann and Freddy Reinig (both WSL), I organized the second expedition to north-eastern Siberia. Between July 5 and 23, we will sample subfossil wood in the Lena and Yana deltas. In so doing, we mainly aim at supplementing our material from 2013 (Büntgen et al. 2014, The Holocene). Moreover, we will focus on the collection of permafrost macrofossils for the extraction and analyses of aDNA.