October 30, 2013: seminar at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A.

2013 Research Seminar_BUENTGENFrontiers in Tree-ring Research at the Interface of Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology

In this presentation, Büntgen will not only exhibit the potential of modern tree-ring research that often benefits from massive sample replication, but will also emphasize data-related and methodological-induced limitations. In this regard, Büntgen will stress drawbacks in our understanding of past climate variability at multi-centennial to millennial time-scales, with a particular emphasis on historical drought estimates. He will advocate for interdisciplinary approaches including aspects of archaeology, climatology and ecology. Finally, Büntgen will provide timely examples of dendrochronological contributions beyond their traditional research foci, where tree-ring parameters might be able to offer additional insight into biological, epidemiological, mycological and even oceanographic forefront investigations.

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